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Full Valet Service

The best way to enjoy your pool - by letting us do all the hard work.

Our team can valet your pool every 2 or 4 weeks so you can just swim with minimal additional maintenance required.  We won't hold you to the same frequency all year, be 2 weekly through summer, and switch to 4 weekly through the winter.
Our valet includes:-

  • Full vacuum of pool
  • Empty baskets
  • Backwash Filter
  • Full water test analysis
  • Addition of all chemicals
  • Check pool equipment

Priced from $97.75 + chemicals

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Door to Door Water Test

The easy way to keep your pool balanced all year without visiting a pool shop. For those who enjoy looking after their pool, can manage to keep it clean themselves, but life is just too busy to get to a pool shop for water testing as frequently as they need.  

This service includes

  • 4 weekly collection of water sample
  • Full water test analysis
  • Required chemicals and instructions dropped back to your door
  • For Pools and/or Spas
  • 12 month service period

Price $35 + chemicals.

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Holiday Valets

What could be worse than coming back from your relaxing holiday to a green pool or worse?  Let us take care of it while your away.  

We do this for those on short term holidays, and for people on longer term OE's.  While your away you know that your investment is in safe hands, we'll take care of everything, be in touch when bigger maintenance is required, and generally just treat it like it's our own pool.

Priced as required.

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