Dolphin S100

Forget about scrubbing the floor and scooping out leaves and dirt - the Dolphin S 100 robotic pool cleaner does it all for you, automatically. The Dolphin S 100 leaves your pool floor clean of dirt and algae, and the pool water sparkling clean, ready for fun whenever you are.

Price $1750
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Walls
Smartphone MyDolphin App Control No
Cleaning Cycle 2 hours
Weekly Timer No
Filtration Easy-clean net basket
Caddy No
Warranty 24 months
60 ft. Anti-Tangle Cable No
Wall climbing Yes
Remote Control No

CleverClean™ Coverage - Precise Navigation System

Advanced scanning software and navigation system ensure floors and walls and water line are fully covered using the most efficient route. The Dolphin automatically navigates around obstacles and quickly returns to its cleaning pattern.